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image of a woman on her 26th birthday when she will age out of her parents health insurance coverage

6 Things to Know 世界杯外围买球网APP下载 Aging Out of Your Parents’ 健康保险

The Affordable Care Act allows young adults to avoid high premiums and retain health insurance coverage as a dependent on their parents’ health insurance plans. What age you get the boot and need to insure yourself varies. The ACA states that you lose coverage from your parents’ plans at age 26. 有些州,如新[…]

blog image of a happy employee receiving dental work covered under his employer provided dental insurance

Giving 回来 to Your Employees: Why a Great Benefits Package Matters

雷·西尔弗斯坦, president of small business advisory group President’s Resource Organization, has said that there are specific benefits that good employees expect out of a job. Entrepreneur published his perspective that while medical insurance is at the top of that list of expectations, business owners should also be intentional about offering employees retirement plans, 残疾[…]

blog image of a person washing their hands to prevent covid-19


The world has been filled with chaos and worry amid the coronavirus outbreak that has affected many people around the world. 为了应对病毒, many businesses have been forced to shut down and states have begun issuing stay at home orders. Below are some facts about the virus and what you can do […]

blog image of a water stain on a woman's ceiling and wall; blog title: Five Immediate Steps for Visible Water Damage in Your Ceiling

Five Immediate Steps for Visible Water Damage in Your Ceiling

It’s a daunting moment when you look up to find a puddle in a light fixture or a growing water stain on a ceiling. Here’s what to do to minimize the damage and get help for a repair. 清洁和保护污渍下面的区域. Move furniture and valuables, then lay down a tarp […]

blog image of a diabetic person using a glucose meter; blog title: Applying for 人寿保险 with Type 2 Diabetes: 6 Questions You’ll Need to Answer

Applying for 人寿保险 with Type 2 Diabetes: 6 Questions You’ll Need to Answer

According to the American Diabetes Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals with type 2 diabetes spend 50 percent more on prescription drugs than individuals without and have a 50 percent greater likelihood of death. In turn, life insurance premiums can be significantly impacted by a diabetes diagnosis. 然而,虽然它确实是一种保险[…]

blog image of a mother on vacation with her sons; blog title: 买旅行保险值得吗


As spring break approaches and you peruse your options for travel both within the United States and abroad, you’re bound to be faced with a decision: do I accept the added cost of a travel insurance package? Whether you’re booking from a travel website or simply wondering whether to add cancellation protection onto a flight, […]

blog image of a car on a moving trailer; blog title: 在搬家时运输你的车


A long-distance move may involve the need to transport a vehicle, especially if one member of the family will be driving a moving van. Before you decide whether it’s preferable to hire an auto shipping company or tow your own vehicle behind a truck or moving van, 考虑以下细节. 拖车拖车:[…]

blog image of a short term vacation rental; blog title: The ABCs of Airbnb: Prepping Your 首页 as a Short-Term Rental Space

The ABCs of Airbnb: Prepping Your 首页 as a Short-Term Rental Space

Research suggests revenue from short-term vacation rentals will surpass the hotel industry in 2020. 事实上, Airbnb在任何一个夜晚都报告了这一情况, there are 2 million people staying at one of its properties. If you’re looking to make extra income listing your space with a hosting platform, 请记住以下世界杯外围买球网APP下载准备[…]

blog image of a flooded office; blog title: rebuilding your business after financial disaste


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that 40 to 60 percent of small businesses never recover and re-open their doors after a disaster. It is in the best interest of your business to maintain both adequate insurance coverage and a disaster recovery plan so you’re prepared to bounce back when Mother Nature comes calling.  In […]

blog image of a home remodel project; blog title: remodeling your home? 别忘了调整你的保险

装修家里? 别忘了调整你的保险

首页owner’s insurance is directly linked to the value of your home, and the only way to be confident you have the coverage you need is to be transparent about improvements you’ve made to your property over time. 以下是之前需要考虑的事项, 在, and after a home renovation so you’re covered for 在 construction and […]